Caleton Blanco

This 500 meters long beach is far from being a secluded stretch of sand, but it manages to keep a peaceful and quiet atmosphere to the satisfaction of those in search of less hustling pastimes. It is located nearby the village resort of Orzola, and some tend to believe the beach is at its best at rising tide since waters manage to cover the somewhat rocky shore and rough granulation of the beach. Just as most beaches nearby Orzola, Caleton Blanco encourages nudism. In addition, this beach strikes by the contrast yielded by the combination of white sand and black volcanic rocks.

La Canteria

La Canteria is a somewhat secluded beach, meaning the access to it is rather difficult. However, surfers know the effort to get to this 300 meters long beach is worth making, since La Canteria also yields magnificent views by force of its geographical location and it also features excellent conditions for surfing. It is located nearby Orzola, which is always reassuring for those willing to find accommodation in the surroundings of this beach.

La Garita

Located nearby the village resort of Arrieta, La Garita is excellent for plenty of activities, ranging from surfing to the mere sunbathing. Swimming is also much more relaxing in La Garita, since the waters washing this 810 meters long beach are rather calm and less dangerous as compared to other beaches in Lanzarote. The beach benefits from its proximity to a promenade, to several eating and sleeping venues, as well as to a parking area.

Charco del Palo

This is a rather small stretch of sand measuring no more than 10 meters, and it is highly frequented by nudists. Facilities refer to a promenade, to a parking space and to its proximity to plenty of sleeping and eating venues. It is also located close to another stretch of sand, the elegant Los Cocoteros, delineating, in fact, the border between Haria and the southern municipality of Teguise.

Other notable beaches in the municipality of Haria

El Charcon, Las Sebas, Los Caletones, Caleta del Guincho, Caleta de las Escamas, La Caleta, Caleta de Mojon

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