Playa Blanca (Playa Grande)

Playa Blanca should not be mistaken for the southern resort of Playa Blanca. The one we speak of here is located in Puerto del Carmen, and it fills a length of 1,200 meters. It is often referred to as Playa Grande. Playa Blanca is fitted with plenty facilities, such as showers, toilets, lounge chairs, and it is bordered by parking lots, shops and restaurants. This is a family-oriented beach with wholesome conditions for diving and other water sports activities.

Los Pocillos

Unlike the much calmer Playa Grande, Los Pocillos is favorable to windsurfing. This 1,300 meters long stretch of sand is bordered by a promenade, it is fitted with hammocks, showers and toilets, and its surroundings are dotted with restaurants, accommodation solutions, parking lots. A shopping area can also be spotted nearby.


The clear calm waters washing the 800 meters long Matagorda are ideal for family pastimes. The beach is accessible by bus, and it is fitted with hammocks. Accommodation solutions can be spotted nearby Matagorda, and its surroundings are also dotted with shops and restaurants.

Other notable beaches in the municipality of Tias

Playa Chica, Pila de la Barrilla, La Pena Grande, Las Fariones, Guacimeta, El Barranquillo

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