El Papagayo

There is a consensus of opinion is respect to the fact El Papagayo is the best and the most beautiful beach in Lanzarote. El Papagayo is located in a protected area and people are encouraged to respect the nature harmony exuded by this beach. El Papagayo is ideal for family vacations, but it is also popular with nudists. Unlike most beaches in Lanzarote, in order to gain access to El Papagayo, tourists must pay a certain amount, but most visitors believe the money is worth paying, since sunbathing on El Papagayo is a unique experience.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca pertains to the namesake resort and it is one of the most popular beaches in south Lanzarote. This golden sand beach is bordered by a promenade and, at one of its ends, by a port. Playa Blanca is a small stretch of sand, and it fills the center of the resort. It is fitted with lounge chairs and showers, and plenty of restaurants can be spotted in its surroundings.


Another family-oriented beach in Playa Blanca (that is, the resort) refers to Flamingo. This is an artificial beach washed by calm waters and sheltered from winds. It fills a quiet and calm bay, and shops, restaurants and other tourist opportunities can be identified in its surroundings.


Just as Flamingo, Dorada too is an artificial beach located in Playa Blanca. Actually, it is one of the largest beaches in Playa Blanca, stretching on 300 meters. It is fitted with hammocks and showers, and tourists can resort to the nearby parking lots, shops, bars and restaurants in order to diversify their sunbathing moments.

El Golfo

Unlike its white golden counterparts, El Golfo strikes by its black look and severe dash. The beach is part of the Timanfaya National Park, which is why the restrictions regulating the entire area are valid when it comes to El Golfo too. The beach offers splendid views in its gloominess, and the waters washing it are as dangerous as to keep inexperienced tourists out of the sea. El Golfo is made of sand and gravel, and it neighbors upon the namesake village.


Another spectacular black beach in southwest Lanzarote is Janubio. This stretch of sand is located nearby the Las Salinas de Janubio. Janubio is perfect as getaway from the hustle so characteristic of many beaches in Lanzarote. Tourists are warned against the danger of swimming in the waters bordering Janubio.

Other notable beaches in the municipality of Yaiza

Quemada, Charcos del los Clicos, La Cera, Mujeres (Calera), El Afre (Las Coloradas), La Mulata, La Campana, Montana Ruja, Montana Bermeja, Puerto Muelas

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