Lanzarote boasts of more than 100 beaches, including the ones pertaining to the small islands of La Graciosa and La Alegranza. Undeniably, beaches stand as the chief tourist asset of Lanzarote, and by their presence they diversify the texture and the color of this island often appreciated for its lunar-like dash and topography.

Anyone can enjoy sunbathing on one of the numerous beaches of Lanzarote, but there are certain restrictions and indications all tourists are advised to comply with for their own sake. Thus, for instance, tourists are highly recommended to observe the marking of the beaches with the yellow, green or red flag, which are indicative of the level of danger in terms of swimming in the waters washing the respective beaches.

The beaches bordering Lanzarote are as diverse as to meet all tastes in terms of sunbathing. Thus, certain stretches of sand host genuine water sports communities and are highly endowed with anthropogenic facilities, whereas others exude that rough immaculacy characteristic of nature unadulterated by the tourist boom. As a further particularity, there are plenty of nudist-friendly beaches in Lanzarote, though the island also features a wealth of family-oriented stretches of sand. Furthermore, as a rule admission to most beaches in Lanzarote is free.

This is a list with the most popular beaches in Lanzarote according to their appertaining to a certain municipality, from north to south (the beaches in La Graciosa will be entered at the beaches pertaining to Teguise since, administratively speaking, the small islets in the north of Lanzarote pertain to the municipality of Teguise).

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