Cueva de los Verdes is part of the Atlantis Tunnel, one of the largest volcanic cave chains in the world. Jameos del Agua too is an integral part of this tunnel which amounts to 6 kilometers in length. These caves formed some 3 or 4 millenniums ago, when La Corona, back then an active volcano, erupted, and the resulting lava invaded the land creating the nowadays spectacular cave chain.

The highlights of Cueva de los Verdes refer to its colored interior walls (the green hue of these walls is said to have motivated the naming of the caves, though this hypothesis was invalidated in time) and to the fact the excellent acoustics of Cueva de los Verdes enabled the setting out of a concert hall inside the caves. The fact Jesus Soto has contributed to highlighting and enhancing the beauty and the tourist potential of these caves (some two kilometers of the chain) is also noteworthy.

Cueva de los Verdes
Carretera Orzola, Haria, Lanzarote, Spain
0034 928 848 484
Opening hours:
10am to 6pm (to 7am until September 30th)
children between 7 and 12: € 4; adults: € 8
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