Both El Golfo, often referred to as Charco de los Clicos, and Los Hervideros are formations of volcanic origin. They are located 1 or 2 kilometers south of the Timanfaya National Park.

El Golfo owes its existence to a phenomenon called hydro-volcanism, which means the interaction between lava and water. These interactions led to the formation of a caldera which is now filled by a lagoon the water of which comes, as expected, from the see, but it is filtered by the black sand bordering the caldera. The lagoon stands out by its intense green color owed to the lush algae vegetation.

Los Hervideros (literally, Boiling Waters) is a coastal segment in the vicinity of El Golfo. The spectacular side of Los Hervideros is yielded by the waters splashing against the lava trails and caves formed centuries ago.

El Golfo (Charco de los Clicos) and Los Hervideros
Yaiza, Lanzarote, Spain
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