Lanzarote does not necessarily excel in golf opportunities. Yet, the bottom line is tourists passionate about golf do have the possibility to indulge in their favorite activity once in Lanzarote.... Golf


Cycling is a fairly rewarding activity in Lanzarote. Cycling is possible in Lanzarote by force of the fact this is more than a sport, that is, a manner of getting... Cycling


Adventure seekers know trekking is not something to be ignored once in Lanzarote. The island is so replete with nature wonders and it is so rich in hidden and secret... Trekking

Surfing and windsurfing

Given its wholesome climate which ensures excellent air and water temperatures virtually all the year round, Lanzarote is ideal for surfing and windsurfing. Windiness too enables such sports, and the... Surfing and windsurfing


The waters surrounding Lanzarote feature excellent conditions for diving. In fact, Lanzarote has the reputation of being one of the top alternatives for tourists passionate about diving. It is both... Diving

Fishing and deep sea fishing

In order to turn their experience into one as rewarding as possible, tourists with a penchant for fishing should keep in mind some species of fish can only be caught... Fishing and deep sea fishing


Sailing is, perhaps, just as rewarding as other water sports activities in Lanzarote. Sailing gives tourists the opportunity to get from one spot on the island to another while enjoying... Sailing

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