Costa Teguise is located in east Lanzarote in the municipality of Teguise, the municipality which amasses the greatest historic significance, as compared to other municipalities in Lanzarote. Some 12 kilometers or so are interposed between the Airport and Costa Teguise, and the resort has excellent direct bus connections with other destinations in Lanzarote: Arrecife (line 1), Puerto del Carmen (line 3), Teguise Market (line 11), Caleta de Famara (line 31).

Car rental is plentiful in Costa Teguise, as well as bike rental. Bike rental enables both the mere getting around, but it also offers the possibility of cycling. Speaking of sports, Costa Teguise is famed for being home to the most reputed golf club and course in Lanzarote, namely, Costa Teguise Golf. Trekking is also possible in Costa Teguise, just as surfing, windsurfing and the like are.

Other water sports are enabled by the several diving centers located in Costa Teguise, but one should always take sailing too into consideration. Obviously, Costa Teguise is one of the most generous resorts in Lanzarote in terms of sports variety.

Hotel Gran Melia Salinas, one of the several 5-star hotels in Lanzarote, is located in Costa Teguise, which is always nice to envisage by those who intend and afford to splurge. In addition, there are several large shopping centers in Costa Teguise which meet all demands tourists can make in terms of shopping gratifications.

Nightlife too seems to be pretty rewarding in Costa Teguise, though it does not attain the sparkling character of Puerto del Carmen or Arrecife in this respect. Yet the main tourist asset of Costa Teguise refers to its beaches: Las Cucharas, El Bastian, El Jablillo, Los Charcos and Ancla, for instance.

The fact Lanzarote Aquarium and Aquapark Costa Teguise are located here is also worth mentioning, since these venues yield great leisure and fun opportunities, appealing not only to visitors accommodated in Costa Teguise.

The main tourist information office in the municipality of Teguise is located precisely in Costa Teguise, which is indicative of the tourist worth of this resort.

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