Defining the ideal vacation in Lanzarote could never overlook sunbathing. The coastal line of the island is laced by more than 100 beaches, so diverse as to their quality (granulation, as in sandy or pebbly, and color), degree of development (either still unadulterated by tourism or highly fitted with anthropogenic facilities), orientation (nudist or family-oriented, for instance) and climatic features (windiness, calm or turbulent waters), that they can match all tastes and plans tourists might make in respect to how to spend and diversify their vacation.

Sports opportunities

Sports opportunities are so abundant in Lanzarote that not indulging in golf playing, diving, trekking, biking or surfing, for instance, is hardly conceivable. However, in the event the tourist enjoys sports as in attending to sports events, rather than practicing them, they should keep in mind Ironman Lanzarote is the most popular and simultaneously the most spectacular sports event to be held in Lanzarote each year.

Nature and art exploration

The Canary Islands delineate a fairly homogenous concept of holiday destination by force of which the particular island one chooses to visit effaces in its individuality. However, what Lanzarote stands out in sharp relief by refers to the fact nature and art blend into a single coherent picture in which nature and its potential are enhanced and highlighted by art. It is chiefly to Cesar Manrique that Lanzarote owes this particular feature. Places like Cueva de los Verdes, Jameos del Agua, El Mirador del Rio and Jardin de Cactus, for instance, embody this view promoted by Manrique and by force of which Lanzarote gains the rightful status of unmatchable destination.


It’s true the specificity of a destination can be judged by means of plenty of criteria (nature assets, cultural edifices, sports and other leisure opportunities), but the personality of a place could never be completely understood without getting to know its cuisine. Thus, Lanzarote observes the traditional Canarian cuisine, with its famed papas arrugadas and overwhelmingly large range of fish dishes, all sunken, of course, in a delicious and tempting bath of mojo.

Island hopping

Discovering Lanzarote is, indeed, a manner of entering the splendid world of the Canary Islands. But this world can hardly come down to a single island only. This is why island hopping is strongly recommended regardless of where tourists choose as chief vacation destination. Fuerteventura, the Chinijo Archipelago, Gran Canaria and Tenerife are always virtually at hand once the tourist sets foot on Lanzarote.

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