Capital of Lanzarote and the largest city on the island, Arrecife is located only some 5 kilometers from the Airport. It pertains to the namesake municipality, and it is the main infrastructural hub in Lanzarote. Thus, Arrecife is where the bus operator on this island is headquartered, providing excellent direct bus connections to plenty other destinations in Lanzarote. Arrecife is linked to Costa Teguise (line 1), Puerto del Carmen (line 2), Femes (line 5), Playa Blanca (line 6), Maguez (line 7), Orzola (line 9), Los Valles (line 10), Montana Blanca (line 14), La Santa (line 16), La Asomada (line 19), Caleta de Famara (line 20), Playa Honda (line 21), the Airport (line 22 and line 23), Puerto Calero (line 24).

Besides this abundance of bus connections, car rental is also possible in Arrecife to the satisfaction of tourists who want to make their own vacation schedule. Sports are not as varied as one might expect in Arrecife, but island hopping and sailing, as well as fishing opportunities can, indeed, be spotted in Arrecife.

As to tourists intending to splurge, Arrecife Gran Hotel is the one 5-star hotel meeting their demands in this respect. The hotel puts forward a spa center all guests can resort to if interested in keeping fit for the entire duration of their vacation. However, Boutique La Quinta Hotel, another notable luxury venue in Lanzarote, is located only some 2 kilometers from Arrecife, in Playa del Cable.

Furthermore, Arrecife excels in nightlife and shopping, hosting the largest shopping center on the island and a weekly local market.

Being the smallest municipality in Lanzarote, Arrecife (the city included) has the fewest beaches but, all in all, plenty enough to meet tourists’ demands. Besides beaches, other attractions in and nearby Arrecife might refer to the Aeronautical Museum hosted by the Airport, to the San Gabriel Castle (which is nowadays home to a museum of archeology) and to the International Museum of Contemporary Art.

Coincidentally or not, Arrecife is where all events and festivals held in Lanzarote reach to their peak in terms of liveliness and spectacular side.

Arrecife is also home to the Lanzarote Tourist Board and to the Cabildo de Lanzarote, two institutions with great impact on the tourist life of the island.

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